Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles!

I have created an online marketplace called The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles that exemplifies the Danish concept of Hygge. Hygge (pronounced HOO-gah) is a lifestyle based on creating a cozy, comfortable feeling that fosters a sense of well-being.  In other word, it is about creating comfort for the soul.  

My business is Amy’s Upcycles, LLC. I operate out of Pottstown and I refinish, repurpose and build custom furniture. In working with my clients, I have discovered an incredible tie to history with restored furniture and the emotions and sentiments that go along with it. I offer my furniture pieces on The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles and am expanding the scope of offerings to showcase complementary products and services that support the Hygee lifestyle. There are an incredible number of talented local artisans and I want to highlight the work of small businesses that provide extraordinary quality and service.

While offering products from a variety of artisans in a centralized place, it is important to highlight and support individual businesses. (Think Etsy meets Farmer’s Market)

The business model is built around a common, cohesive brand, but will function as an online consignment business. There is a vendors page that will provide the customer with information on the artisans and their contact information/website. Given that this link will be provided to our customers, pricing consistency is required between The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles and each individual’s website or listing. An option would be to create exclusive versions, bundles, sizes, etc available only on The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles.

Vendors at The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles adhere to the basic policies and brand of the site but will fulfill and ship orders directly to customers. Individual vendors can create their own list of policies, provided that they adhere to the basic minimum policies of The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles. Vendors have access to their products (only) online to add, subtract and update inventory.

The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles markets the website as a whole and highlights the various vendors within the sight through social media and local marketing. I ask that each individual vendor also support the marketing efforts of The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles by promoting and supporting the other vendors. The more traffic we drive to the site, the more successful we all become. The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles will receive 20% of the purchase price of all items, not including shipping and handling fees.

Vendor Benefits

No listing fees.

24/7 opportunity for sales with contactless selling

The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles covers the fees associated with The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles website domain, hosting, and maintenance.

All transactions will be processed through The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles via PayPal. No financial information will be collected from either customers or vendors. Vendors will be issued payment every other week through PayPal.

Businesses benefit from extensive social media marketing and local marketing through The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles

Businesses benefit from the expanded customer reach through cross- promotion with like-themed business. (gift baskets of all local products—realtor gifts, corporate gifts, personal gifts)

The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles plans to feature product categories including but not limited to textiles, furniture, personal care products (soaps, lotions), candles, teas/coffees, specialty foods, pottery, art, and photography

Vendor Responsibilities


All vendors assume 100% liability for their products sold on The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles. Vendors are required to carry their own liability insurance and list The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles as an additional insured.

Vendor Service Policies

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of business growth, and therefore of utmost importance at The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles.  As each individual vendor is best equipped to handle customer service needs, all vendors must have a written policy addressing returns, shipping, and customer service issues that must be approved by The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles. These policies must meet the minimum service policies listed below.

        Minimum Service Policies

The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles and the vendor may terminate their relationship at any time. Once the other party is notified in writing of the relationship termination, all existing customer orders will be processed according to the Terms of Service.

Payment and refund processing will go through The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles via PayPal.  The vendor is responsible for PayPal Transaction fees.

Sales tax is collected from the customer at the time of purchase.  Vendors will be paid 80% of the purchase price plus shipping and sales tax on each item sold.  Therefore each vendor must pay their own Sales and Use tax.  1099s will be provided where applicable.

Product exclusions

To maintain the branding of The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles, not all products from participating vendors will be sold on the site. Each individual product and product line will be approved by The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles.

All product photography will be presented on the site on a specified variety of backgrounds to uphold the cohesive brand of The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles.

All vendors will adhere to the privacy policy for The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles.

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