The Shop


The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles was born out of necessity during the pandemic.  As business practices—particularly for small businesses— were turned on their ear, we were forced to reinvent ourselves and the way we connect to our customers and clients.  

In a time that is commonly referred to as “crazy”, “unprecedented”, and countless other euphemisms, we believe that the best way to connect with people is on a simple, base-level with products that are made by hand with love and attention to detail.  Products that make our customers feel good.

We are a group that believes in small comforts in a world where comfort seems to be in short supply.  We are a group of small business artisans that believe we are stronger together, and that entrepreneurs are worth fighting for.  We believe in the exquisite quality achieved by those who are absolute experts in their field.  Those who are so laser-focused on their craft that the extraordinary nature of their products is instantly recognizable to their clients. 


We believe in paying attention not to the loudest and the shiniest, but to the small nuances that honor the wonder of life.  And maybe, just maybe, if we can hold on to those moments, we can find some peace.  If not it the world, then in our souls.