News and Inspiration

I wanted to create a blog for The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles as a way to communicate directly with our customers, followers and readers.  Our site is organic, and will continue to add vendors and product lines.  We also want you to know who you are buying from.  Not only are our vendors talented entrepreneurs, […]

What is Hygge, and How Do You Pronounce It??

While Hygge is initially difficult to translate, once you get it, you get it. The best way to explain the concept of Hygge is to let the Danish do it.  This is an excerpt from an article from A warm atmosphere Hard to pronounce, hygge (“hooga”) is difficult to explain, too. In brief, hygge […]

What “The Shop” Is All About

When I moved back to Pennsylvania six and a half years ago, I also relocated my furniture refinishing business. Although I had all of my experience and processes, I suddenly found myself starting over and building my reputation and clientele from scratch. In the process of networking and getting to know people in the community, […]